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Top Fuel CrossFit

Top Fuel CrossFit is the newest member to the Fuel Fitness Family! Top Fuel maintains the inviting, friendly atmosphere created at all Fuel locations. The Top Fuel team trains together like a family, encouraging each other to push hard and achieve their goals, regardless of fitness background. All new members are introduced to the functional movements that make up CrossFit, as make sure they are properly trained, and eased into the complete CrossFit program. Top Fuel’s ultimate goal is to have you feeling the best you ever have felt by guiding you to reach the best physical shape of your life. All Fuel Fitness members receive a discount at Top Fuel CrossFit, if they elect join that facility.

Classes Offered at Top Fuel CrossFit:

This class follows the traditional structure of the CrossFit program and includes the core elements of weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, and cardio based training. This class will get you fit, toned and conditioned. Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase sports performance, embrace your competitive side, or simply change your lifestyle in a positive way our team in there to help you get it done! Our coaches reiterate the importance of functional movements and nutrition, while empowering each individual to meet their personal goals.

Elements (Intro Class)
The Elements class teaches the fundamentals of the CrossFit program and ensures exercises are executed in a safe way. This class is open to first time crossfitters and those looking to get started in the CrossFit program. This class is 3 days a week, for a two-week period. Once this class is mastered members are integrated into the regular CrossFit class, yet at a level tailored to skill set and comfort level.

Circuit Fit
Circuit Fit Class involves bodyweight exercises, low-weight exercises, and cardio based workouts. This is a quick endurance and fat burning working out. This class strays from heavy lifting and includes cardio intensive workouts such as: spinning, rowing, running and low weight, high repetition activities.

Teaser Class
Interested in trying a CrossFit class? Join us on Saturday mornings at 11:15am for the CrossFit Teaser Class. This class gives guests the opportunity to tryout a workout. You will learn the basic functional movement used for the specific workout of the day. Teaser workout are scaled back to accommodate for a variety of fitness levels and may be shorter to serve as an introduction. Stop in and see what it’s all about!


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